25 August 2014

Rose Petal

Good morning, darlings! 
I just „loveˮ the pics I take after work. I look like I’m preparing to go to bed. 
Moving on, I can’t believe Summer is almost over... I took a walk through the city yesterday afternoon and I got a little scared. It was that nice, pleasant, perfect warmth that we all love, but it’s the first sign of Autumn. The light is starting to change, the green of the grass is starting to fade, the leaves are starting to fall...It breaks my heart, literally! But I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet and I bet you, guys, aren’t either, 
so let’s enjoy Summer! My Summer lasts till the temperature drops below 20 degrees. 
So there’s still a long way to go! The dress I’m wearing today is a statement for that. 
As much as I love pencil skirts, I could easily spend my whole life in boyfriend jeans and dresses like this one. It feels so wonderful against the skin, it’s super comfy, with just the right amount of elegance. The upper half is designed as a tee, but I chose to wear it off shoulder, this time. It gives it a little extra something, don’t you think?! 
Also, you gotta love this new necklace. My advice? Hurry up and buy one for yourself, too! 
It will brighten up your Fall outfits! 
Have a wonderful week, guys! 

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Dress: buy it here
Necklace: Zara (new collection)


Patrícia M. said...

So, so beautiful! Love the adding of that necklace there.


Alela Sirah said...

Beautiful dress love the way it drapes!

Anonymous said...

Your hair.... AMAZING! Do You have now hair extantion? It's your natural color ?

Joana said...

Beautiful dress!


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