26 September 2014

Double Volume

Good morning, darlings! 
Talk about volume, right?! And this time I went double, cause you either go double,
 or not at all. I know, I’m talking non-sense, but it’s 3 a.m. and I’m only dreaming 
of the fluffy pillow behind me. Let’s get back to the subject...oh, how much I’ve searched
for this perfect fabric, only I know. You can’t have this perfect volume without it and
 you know that I love volume. This time I thought about mixing two pieces of this kind, instead of the fitted top and flared skirt combo. Never tried it before, not the biggest fan, but it was worth trying it, cause this ensemble looks rather interesting, don’t you think?! I’m going to bed, cause I have a full weekend ahead, 
but I’m leaving you with this ton of pics. 
Happy weekend, guys! Have a great one! 

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Blouse: Zara (new collection)
Skirt: buy it here
Sandals: Zara (ss14)
 Clutch: Zara (ss14)
Necklace: Zara (aw13)


tgulst said...


Unknown said...

Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where I can buy that gorgeous ensemble please? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering do you have this skirt in whitet, If so how much does this cost? If not can you make me I will pay you.

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