11 June 2014


Good morning, darlings! 
I’ve always loved flowers, but lately I developed quite a passion for them. 
Thing is the classical roses are not quite my cup of tea. Spring flowers are my favorite
 by far, but I also love those out of the ordinary ones: water lilies, poppies and any other wild flower for that matter, but the Hydranges have become my absolute favorite. 
I think I almost love them more than peonies! Neah...peonies are the best! 
Their fragrance is unbeatable! I loved wearing this outfit yesterday!
 Something simple and chic for the beginning of Summer. 
You can find the dress here, of course.
 Have a wonderful day, darlings!

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Dress: buy it here
Sandals: Zara (new collection)
Handbag: Massimo Dutti


Girly said...

totally chic, dear))) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hun, I love your style, and I ve been following you for years. Lately I ve seen too many of those dresses. Wish you would just come back to simply presenting your great taste. Love Michelle

Pialunja said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the shoes :)
Fashion latte with vanilla

Alina said...

Hi, Michelle! As you've probably noticed, my last two posts were with regular outfits, so... I understand what you're saying, but this is my style. It's not like I'm posting the same dress over and over again. What's the difference if it's created by me or bought from a high street store? I promise I'll do my best to post more "normal" outfits. Thank you for the message!

With love,

Jaela said...

Beautiful dress


Anonymous said...

wow, ce corp ai !
e deosebita rochia, se poate sa pui si celelalte culori? m-ar interesa sa vad nuanta piersica.
Si inca o intrebare ce material este? este tepana sau o ridica vantul?

Alina said...

Iti multumesc tare mult! Trimite-mi un mail la adresa mysilkfairytale@gmail.com si iti voi trimite o poza cu nuanta de piersica. Este confectionata din triplu voal elastic. Nu o ridica vantul, decat daca faci o pirueta :), dar nu este sub nicio forma teapana. Este un material elastic care cade frumos pe langa corp. O zi frumoasa!

Anonymous said...

Buna Alina, superbe poze! Sandalele sunt comode sau not really? Deni

Alina said...

Draga mea...not really! M-am ales cu niste batai groaznice, si asta din cauza faptului ca gheata este foarte inalta. Altfel, ar fi comode...

tgulst said...

Love that dress: )))

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