16 June 2014

Dress Up

Good morning, darlings! 
I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I hate my hometown. 
Ok, I’m exaggerating, but just a little bit...cause it is, honestly, the main source of 
my nerve rack. I spend half my life stuck in traffic and that’s a fact. Let’s take today,
 for example...I spent 40 minutes stuck in a gigantic traffic jam...on my street! 
The rain finally stopped so I figured it’s the perfect time for a shooting. So, here I was, 
at 8 am in the morning, running around in circles just to be ready in time to catch that perfect light. All things good, the dress was wrinkles-free, my hair was looking somehow decent and I was running around the garden picking pink flowers to go with my outfit. 
I was happy, „Today is going to be a good day for shootingˮ, I said to myself.
 Until I left the garage. An enormous cars queue was just in front of my entrance. 
I was so shocked that I literally remained with my mouth open for a few seconds, 
not knowing what to do. But a driver invited me in the queue and I’ve found myself in the middle of that disaster. I forgot to tell you...I don’t live on a main boulevard, I live on a quite street of houses. Traffic jams almost never happen! Not like this...
so I’ve spent almost 30 minutes on my street, just to turn around and wait another 
ten minutes, just to be able to enter my garage. Now, my mother has a few 
dozen pink flowers less and I have a few more unneeded nerves.
 In other terms, it’s funny the power a long dress has in changing your whole appearance. When I chose this dress, I had in mind a simple romantic easy Sunday look. 
Believe me, I was wearing flats. Actually, I was so eager to wear my new statement Conscious Exclusive earrings and this piece was a perfect match for them. 
I was shocked by the different effect of this dress when I saw the pics. 
It somehow looks so elegant and statuesque that I can’t even believe that
 I was wearing flats. Perfect piece to dress up and down, isn’t it? 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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Dress: buy it here
Earrings: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection


darkolivee said...

wuhuuuuu <3

Sandra Marques de Paiva said...

you look like a bride in blue ;)

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous as usual honey! xoxo


DailyDreamDecor said...

I feel you! That's why I avoid driving as much as possible :))
You look gorgeous, as always!

elarmariodelanena said...

so beautiful dress, it´s awesome!

tgulst said...

Awesome dress: )))

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