27 June 2014

Birthday Outfit

Good morning, guys! 
Somehow I totally forgot to show you my birthday outfit. 
Which was two weeks ago, but that’s not important. 
Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s healthier not to keep track of how fast time flies. It’s more important to keep track of what went good or wrong during this time.
 Your accomplishments and failures, your joys and sorrows, your laughter and tears. 
If you’re on the positive side it means that you’re on the right track, so keep going. 
If not...make a change! We all live by the fear of change, but more often change is good, change is positive! As for me, I’m halfway there and I’m planning to get closer and closer by the day! So thank you so much for walking by my side, for your wonderful encouragements and support! And yes, I have developed an obsession on this color. 
I’m loving it more and more with every shade and every shape!   
As for the flowers...they stole my heart! 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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I used to do this to my dolls back when I was little. It was fun then, now it’s just weird!

Dress: buy it here
Sandals: Zara (new collection)


Daniella said...

Beautiful. I hope you had a lovely birthday :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

ravenlocks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look absolutely stunning in this gorgeous blue dress :)

xo Azu


Girly said...

absolutelly adorable look!!!!

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

Happy Birthday to you

tgulst said...

You are georgous: )))

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday, dear Alina! What a wonderful dress, you are looking sooooo beautiful!

xxx Nadine


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