13 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela in the H&M Showroom

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to visit the H&M Showroom for the first time. After postponing several times, finally, I managed to step inside this...magical place.
Why magical, you might ask yourself?! Well...I love clothes, I love colors and fabrics and I love to see the many amazing forms and shapes that can be created from them. 
Speaking of amazing cuts and shapes, H&M's newest collaboration is, in my opinion,
the best one yet. Although, Margiela's designs are not everyone's cup of tea and it's true that I don't see myself rocking every single piece of the collection on the streets of my city, either, but...and this is an enormous, gigantic BUT....these pieces are veritable works of art. What I love most is that every single piece from this collection is a reissued piece from the Margiela archives. Isn't that amazing?! It is indeed, a collection created for the fashion lovers out there and if you are one of them, you definitely can't miss it! 
Personally, I loved every single one of the dresses I've seen, from the figure hugging cashmere grey sweater dress, to that amazing and I mean AMAZING red draped dress. Still, my favorite will be revealed later, after (please, God!) I'll get my hands on it. Unfortunately, I can't stay and chat any longer, cause I'm still at work, but I'll tell you more these next few days. Anyway, I can't wait for it to hit stores, so tomorrow, 
I'll be there! So, if you're in B─âneasa Shopping City and you see some crazy people inside the H&M store, I'll be there, too, so come say hi if you get the chance!
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