05 February 2015

Is it Spring yet?

Good morning, darlings!
 It’s Good night, actually, since it’s 3 a.m. and the bed is desperately calling for me. 
But since I have a full day ahead, tomorrow, I’ll steal just a few more moments from
 this night. This is the kind of outfit I love to wear during Spring. I know it’s just the beginning of February, but it really feels like Spring. The boots and the cardi are two 
new sale purchases I’m very proud of. I bought these boots with only 25€ and I couldn’t 
be happier. They are super comfortable and perfect for this time of year. I bet they would look perfect with a white Summer dress, also. So that was quite a bargain! 
The cardi is one of those basic winter pieces you must have in your wardrobe. I, a 
declared hater of Winter and all its props, of course didn’t have it. But I do, now. 
I’m always please when I manage to find basics and pieces that were on my wishlist,
 at half the price. It’s a win win situation! You get the pieces you’ve wanted 
without being broke for the whole month. 
Have a wonderful day, guys!

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Cardigan: Zara (aw14)
Dress: buy it here
Boots: Zara (aw14)
Handbag: Michael Kors


Miu Miu said...

You are such a beauty! Love you style, but you already know that :D Good night, sweety


Prints And Roses said...

Love the cardigan!


Pialunja said...

gorgeous look, love the boots!
Fashion latte with vanilla

ravenlocks said...

Your boots are so cute! Love this entire look...it's very romantic.

xo Azu


Natassia said...

That LBD is so feminine and pretty.. love it! :)

And I totally adore those boots!! :)

Geekette in High Heels

Federova said...

Esti de admirat! Superba, ca intotdeauna!

Girly said...

wow!!! wonderful outfit, huuny!!! xoxo))

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