16 February 2015

Spring Break

Good morning, darlings!
 It’s the beginning of a new week. And I guess some us need this whole week to 
cleanse our mind and eyes (especially) from all the love we’ve seen during this weekend. Cause you know, nowadays love is purely material. You need a special day to celebrate...
well, the gifts you receive, actually...Sure, you have your birthday, Name day, Woman’s Day, Christmas, Easter and God knows what other celebration we, women, use as an excuse to get spoiled. Sure, you have your anniversary, the day you met, the day you got married and so on, but your social media news feed need to be updated constantly and „bae” needs to step up his game if he wants to have his princess all smiles for a few 
more... weeks. Don’t get me wrong, darlings, I am not a hater...Oh, wait, I actually am.
 I hate the materialistic approach of love, nowadays. Don’t comment on how much
 you love your boyfriend under a picture with the gifts you receive from him. 
Leave this comment under a picture with you giving him a kiss, or a hug...with the 
two of you happily together, holding hands, if you like to publicly display your love. Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a marketing tool, but a tool which comes very 
handy in some relationships, sadly. Kudos for the women who only need a kiss from 
their men, to feel loved. Kudos for the men who don’t need to buy their love and affection. Cause love is something you feel all day, everyday. 
You don’t need a special day for it, cause your special day should mean something 
for your love. And it really should be...only yours. 
Have a wonderful week, full of real love, guys! 

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Cape: Marella (aw14)
Skirt: buy it here
Boots: Smiling Shoes
Bag: Furla (new collection)
Gloves: Zara
Earrings: H&M


Unknown said...

Buna dimineata!!!Agree cu ce ai scris despre V-day!!!When u love somebody u don-t need special days to show him ur love!!!
The outfit as ALWAYS gorgeous!!!!
And you FOREVER the most beautiful of them all!!!!
Have a great week!!!

Diana said...

Off, ca bine ai zis!!
Evit sa vorbesc despre asta, pentru ca de fiecare cineva se trezeste vorbind aiurea, dar sunt total de acord ca nu avem nevoie de o zi anume sau de expuneri pe fb a iubirii noastre, in acest fel...
Zi frumoasa!!

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...


Life's a shoe said...

so glam! loving the whole get-up!


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