23 February 2015

Purple Heart

Hi, darlings! 
I don’t really know what to say about this outfit.
 The irony is that I am not a purple loving person. I love to see it on other 
people, I love accessories, I am trully in love with it when it comes to home
 interior, but I just can’t see myself wearing it. I made this skirt at my boyfriend’s insistences and now it’s my favorite of them all. The day I wore it, though, was not
 my best. I forgot my coat at home and the only thing I had in my car was 
The Granny cardi. I had to put it on, cause it was slightly cold for this sheer blouse, but it’s not really working for me. Oh, and I’m wearing the blouse backwards, 
have you noticed? I just think it looks more interesting this way.
 I’m weird, I know. I’ll stop talking, now. 
Have a wonderful and sunny week, guys! 

My darlings, many of you have been telling me, lately, that you are no
 longer seeing the updates on my Facebook page. After the messages begun to bundle up I’ve decided to look into it. And it’s official: Facebook has started limiting
 the visibility of the posts made by Pages starting January 1st. The reach of a normal post is now less than 10% of the people who liked the page. That being said, 
I am inviting you to follow the blog via Bloglovin, email (you can see these
 two options on the right column), or to subscribe to this page. 
This way you’ll be able to see all the nonsense I post here! 
Thank you so much and so sorry for the inconvenience. 
With love, Alina
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Blouse: Zara (new collection)
Skirt: buy it here
Booots: Smiling Shoes
Cardigan: Zara (aw14)
Bag: Furla (new collection)


Miu Miu said...

You are just just perfect!!! Love the skirt, dear.



Pialunja said...

gorgeous boots!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Ann Robie said...

The look without this knitten cardigan is just incredible!

Ann | http://annrobiefashion.com/

Girly said...

so so lovely skirt n whole look!!)))

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